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This is one of the most urban neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area: restaurants, retail, office, commercial, two college campuses, several museums, many churches, hotels, plus waterfront parks and great views.

More than 5,000 people live here, from young professionals to seniors moving out of big family homes in other neighborhoods: in single-family homes and townhomes, apartments, midrise buildings and luxury highrises.

At its center, lies a hub of outdoor, post-work party fun Hyde Park Village, which offers nature lovers a beautiful park with trees, benches and plenty of room to roam in this pet-friendly environment, topped off by a centerpiece, a mesmerizing fountain which sits at the center of the village consisting of various shops, restaurants, movie theaters, a fitness center and professional service boutiques laid out in this homey yet hip neighborhood.

They worked in the cigar factories, some of which remain, where you can still buy hand-rolled cigars.

West of downtown and east of the West Shore business district lies West Tampa, which in its heyday boasted more cigar factories than Ybor City.

It also produced more cigars than anywhere else in the world.

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There are several items to complete on the high school senior checklist before high school graduation - one of which is finding scholarships to help pay for college.

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