Cam jungle sex sin

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A candidate is shown shaking hands with Jesus on a billboard.

Cam begins his affair with his mistress, Shana, in a porta-potty.

They swiftly select Marty Huggins—an odd, kindly family man who loves his wife, adores his kids and dotes on his Chinese pug dogs.

After they hear the message (which includes a reference to Cam and his mistress licking each other), the father of the house tells his children that Cam would certainly receive a tongue-lashing from Jesus—then clarifies his comment to make sure they know he wasn't saying Jesus would give Cam the same treatment Cam talked about.

is rife with often explicitly Christian references that devolve into slams and slurs. Freedom." And while he admits he doesn't understand what that really means, he knows that "People sure love it when I say it." Marty points out that Cam hasn't been to church in nine months.

But for the most part, the film doesn't attack actual faith as much as it lampoons less-than-pious politicians who try to co-opt it for their own secular purposes. And when Cam's forced to recite the Lord's Prayer during a debate, he turns it into a crass, blasphemous, offensive mess.

He then breaks through a stained-glass window and winds up in a hospital, his arm swollen to the size of a tree trunk. When he asks his family to fess up about any uncomfortable truths that might pop up during the campaign, his youngest son tells him that he once took the Lord's name in vain—a sin that bothers Marty a lot.

But he's eager to reach out to folks of other faiths as well.

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