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Ryan also rants in a series of videos he calls “Off The Pill”, because he records them when he is off his ADHD medication.Ryan’s Off The Pill rants are quick, disjointed and crazy funny.He plays himself, the ditsy Regina, the thuggish R-Dizzle and the very Japanese Hanate.Each of Ryan’s characters embodies a different stereotype and the show is utterly hilarious, racking in millions of views.Ryan, who broke 2,000,000 subscribers last month, vlogs in the form of humorous sketches, rants and music videos.He does a great job of poking fun of current trends and subjects that is familiar with, such as his Hooked on Phonics spoof, ‘Hook on Fonik’ and, most recently his Snuggie spoof, ‘The Snuggo’.Let’s take a look at the top 5 You Tube video bloggers and find out just what makes them tick and why everyone loves them.

Viewers love Fred’s high-pitched chipmunk voice and hyperactive quality, and log online to watch his videos in droves.

, from politics to pop culture, upload their videos to You Tube and share their opinions with the world.

But what is it exactly that makes some vloggers rise to the top while others fall by the wayside?

Now O'Neill has started a new website, Let's Be Game Changers, which is “aimed to inspire constant questioning”.

To avoid narcissism, there will be a noticeable absence of numbers of likes, views or subscribers.

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