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It is friendship love that motivates a friend not to give up on you even when you are being absurdly wrong, stupid and self-defeating.

Friendship love for many people is the only love that sustains and protects them through disasters and the bleak times of desolation.

Teresa who was reporting this had grown up in an American social sphere in which marriage and romantic love were seen as far more important than friendship love.

Trevor on the other hand has been raised in a sphere of European society that emphasized the great importance of life-long, abiding, solid, friend relationships based in real, unending love.

With some “friend” implies the existence of a true, deep, love relationship of great value.

With others “friend” refers to a much more shallow and inconsequential, often temporary relationship in which there is nothing even approaching true, deep love.

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In fact friendship love is as important and sometimes even more important than family love in the lives of many.

It is often friendship love that prevails when all other loves have been found wanting.

There are many who say it was the love from a friend that got them through and able to survive a great tragedy, a horrible defeat, or monstrous loss in their lives.

Friendship love may have saved more lives than any other kind of love!

Friendship love may help people through hard times as much as any other type of love!

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