My computer keeps updating shut down

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Your computer may be infected with a virus or other malware that is designed to shut down your computer upon certain conditions.If your computer seems to be turning off when executing a certain program at specific times of the day, it could be infected.This document is for computers that turn off and remain off after an extended period of use.It is not for computers that turn back on (restart), computers that shut off immediately upon powering up, or computers that do not turn on at all.If you believe your computer may be infected with a virus, download a free scanner.If you already have one installed, make sure your virus scanner definitions are up-to-date, then run a full scan.If you have not recently installed any new hardware into the computer, the next best solution is to systematically remove non-essential hardware.

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Once you have access to the inside of your machine, examine the processor (heat sink), video card, and case fans.

Some of the steps below require you to work inside your computer.

Before opening your case, be aware of the dangers of ESD.

Also, if you have a UPS that connects a USB cable to the computer to manage power saving features, make sure it is also disconnected.

If this resolves your problem, you may have a defective surge protector or UPS.

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