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Her husband told me all this the first time I went to their house. Her husband sucked on her nipples until she begged to be allowed to come. I've built lots of stuff for Marjorie, and I've done lots of stuff to her. I've said so out loud in a voice that is loud enough for Stan to hear. I can't see what he's doing, but Marjorie knows what I'm about to do.Hell, when you're a twenty eight year old dyke, it's not like you're going to get many CONVENTIONAL offers, she thought wryly, smiling to herself. She sat, watching the rollers come in across Massachusetts Bay; breaking over the sand bars and reviewed her situation. "It's the only seat open in the place and my feet are killing me." "Sure, help yourself," Billie had gestured and the woman sat down. Big rock with a matching diamond studded wedding band as well. They made love throughout the night, finally falling into an exhausted slumber shortly before dawn. She opened her eyes to see Sean sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling. About the same age as Billie, no kids, did HR for a Plymouth based Tech Company. Michelle had invited Billie over for pizza and to watch a video. Billie sighed as Michelle spread them wide, cleaving them with the tip of her tongue, circling the small hood at their apex. Michelle lent Billie her robe and put a big, flannel nightshirt on herself. These were the folks too shy to tell anyone they knew about their kinks, and they would do things with stranger that they'd never do with a husband or a lover. And if you don't get to work, it's gonna be a rough ride for her." She started to moan and rub her puss like the whore she was pretending to be. Her legs are spread wide open, and she is bent at the waist. I walk back to her ass, and drop some lube on her puckered ass. Her sphincter muscles clutch so tight that I can barely move. "Now that was a royal fucking." "Let me out of here," Stan says. "You think you own me because you can make me do things. Things with other men." "But I never did anything I didn't want to, Stan. When you make me suck off pizza delivery boys, when you trade me like I was property at the swingers club, that's stuff I want to do. But last week, you tied me up at the club and made me watch you fuck two new girls.I work nights at the home improvement store, so most of the people I deal with are married, playing hookey from work, etc. People that didn't want to pay and didn't want to fuck. If I thought a client would change her mind, I'd usually videotape a consent statement. "Anywhere you want." "I'm going to fuck your ass." "Whatever you want. Fuck me raw." "Then tell him." "Stanley, you better start sucking on my boobs. Now, I'm going to get my rod up there, because she's begged me to do it. The important thing to remember is that I get to cum." I am pumping again at her ass, and she is gripping me tight with her muscles. When you were done, you didn't have any energy for me, and you didn't let me fuck anyone else." "This is your punishment." Just then I blow another load in her ass, slicked as it is with her juices and lube."Let me out now," Stan said, while my cum covered dick was still in his wife's sopping wet pussy.

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Part two will go into the group sex category in a week or so as it will involve the same two woman with the addition of a man. If she were wired that way, Sean was the kind of guy she would have gone for. Michelle casually leaned over and kissed Billie on the mouth. Knowing she would hate herself tomorrow, Billie pulled away. I like Sean and won't do this to him," she said, tears welling in he eyes. "Honey look, I told him I'd become very attracted to you, as more then just a friend and I wanted to see if you felt the same way. "Ooo, ooo, unnn," she mewed, "Ooo, ooo." Billie's movements became erratic, her ass coming off the sofa, her cries louder until she broke with a loud groan, "Ohhhhhhhh! Michelle followed her, not letting go, tonguing the girl, bringing her higher, harder until Billie, unable to take anymore, pusher her head away, whispering, "Stop, enough, stop! She heard Michelle say from next to her, "Hey, where's mine" "Right here," he answered, handing another mug across Billie to Michelle. "I told you, I LIKE Sean, he's one of my best friends! " Michelle hugged her, careful not to spill the hot coffee. Other then the fact that Billie was all too conscious she was naked under her borrowed robe, it could have been no different from any of a dozen other times they had dined together.

Then I grabbed the vibrator and touched it to her clit. It couldn't have been a minute since her orgasm, and everything about her was a ball of nerve endings. Marjorie's head was hanging over in an exhausted, post-orgasmic bliss.

With her whole body shuddering in orgasm, I began slamming my cock into her has hard as I could, and then roared as I dumped all my cum into her. She opened her mouth to inhale my now softening member.

In the past year, we'd probably serviced five or six clients per month. The first was that I'd only fuck her if she wore the cuffs. "You know I'm good." "Cuffs," I said, "or you can cut him out with a saw." I tweaked her nipple again, drawing my fingers down the length. The electrical shockwave between her cunt, brain and nipples make her a slave to any man. When I pushed her to her knees, she went down with no resistance. My crotch touches her face - I didn't have my pants off yet - when she raises her arms up for me to shackle her. With her head over the edge of the box, I had a clear road to her throat. There's two of you that are tied up." "Oh fuck you. She wore those wide-ish panties where the bottom hem cut across the middle of each cheek. I made sure her knees were tucked as far as they would go toward her shoulders. The whole scene gave Stan the opportunity to watch the action through an eyehole on the side. With her hands bound in front of her, she tried to press it tight. I grabbed her hair so that she arched her back down. Beg me to fuck your ass." "Fuck my ass." "Tell me you don't want me to use lube." "I don't know if I can take that." "If your husband sucks on your tits, I'm sure we can your juices." "It's gonna hurt." I smacked her ass.

We even brought on a gay dude to handle those situations. My gut says that most of these people wanted to get caught. Her knees went weak, and I knew her pussy was probably getting wet. "Just get it over with and get me out of this box, you asshole." That was her husband. "The more you talk, the more I'll enjoy this, Stan. I pull her up, then lay her on the box on her back. A rough tug on her nipples drew a deep moan from the base of her soul. You put her there." "Nonetheless, there are two of you tied up now." I pulled my cock out of Marjorie's mouth and I put her in a doggy style position on the floor. Her box was sopping with juices, and I knew there wouldn't be much friction there. The angle gave my a view of her puckered asshole, and a great source of friction on the bottom of my cock where all the nerve endings are. " "I said you can do whatever you want," she replied.

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