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Admittedly, dead folk are a hair less energetic than living people (with some exceptions).There are a few kinds of energy ( few), but spiritual energy doesn’t seem to be one of them. employ the machine because technology has no function other than to free people from toil. Timothy Leary, who told me last year that his experiences with the DEA, FBI, CIA, PLO, Weather Underground, Mansonoids, Aryan Brotherhood, Al Fattah, etc., were precisely like the most absurd parts of . employ the human because there is no way to organize society except by having most people work for wages 4. One of the readers who really seems to have understood is Dr.

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Like batteries that are no longer being recharged, they run down. Like every kind of energy, whether electrical, kinetic, sonic, or sports fever, the electrical potential in the body eventually becomes heat energy (it’s an entropy thing).

This would seem to be a measurable amount of energy that at the moment of death is no longer required by the body/brain and would have to go somewhere.

I’m not asking from a theological or spiritual perspective, but strictly as a question of physics. [is there] a measurable radiation of heat at the moment of death.

When a nerve cell fires, charges are allowed to suddenly flow through the cell membrane in a process called an “action potential“.

The way electricity flows along nerve cells is different from the way it flows down a telegraph wire (“inside-to-outside” instead of “along”), but whatever.

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