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When Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent is installed on a machine, non-administrators can no longer RDP to the machine.

A new local group called Direct Access Users is created on each Virtual Delivery Agent.

This causes Provisioning Services to cache to server instead of caching to your local cache disk (or RAM).By default, Non-Windows clients cannot map printers due to a missing print driver on the VDA machine.If you intend to use HTML5 Receiver internally, install certificates on the VDAs so the Web Sockets (and ICA) connection will be encrypted.When logging in through Citrix I got message “Wait for local session manager” for 20-30 seconds.When logging in to the server with RDS, I do not have to wait for this.” “Add the following 2 registry keys to your 7.9 VDA server – then try connecting to it using ICA to see if the issue still occurs: Add reg keys in “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Group Policy” Dword: “Cache Gpo Expire In Hours” – Value = 5-24 (# of Hours) ***start with value of 5*** Dword: “Gpo Cache Enabled” – Value = 1 Restart the machine after adding these registry keys and attempt an ICA connection (at least twice) to see if that helps the Login delay.” Some environments will not accept the default port 80 for Virtual Delivery Agent registration.

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