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In June, a powerful 6.3 magnitude quake struck Turkey's western coast and the Greek island of Lesbos, killing one person and rattling buildings from the Turkish province of Izmir to the Greek capital of Athens. It’s true, I have a problem and should be taken to the Betty Crocker Clinic so I can get help.My first time I just made a mess of dried out phyllo and butter and the baklava tasted wonderful regardless.1 Lightly grease a 9x13 pan and set the oven to 350°F.pic.twitter.com/m Yf8b Rdd DB— Sizin Haberiniz (@Sizin Haberiniz) September 15, 2017The skulls of 15 of the skeletons were found on one side of the tomb.The rest were buried in the northeast direction, where the skeleton of a child was also found, Keles said.Last month, a powerful quake killed two people on the Greek holiday island of Kos, sending tourists fleeing into the streets and causing disruption in Bodrum as well.The epicentre of the magnitude-6.7 quake was off Bodrum, southwest Turkey, with the country's Aegean coast and Greek holiday islands including Kos and Rhodes worst affected.

The way the bodies are carefully laid out also suggests that they were of a higher social standing.Çanakkale'deki 2bin 600 yıllık Parion Antik Kenti'nde, bu sezon kazılarında açılan oda mezardan 1'i çocuk toplam 24kişiye ait iskelet çıktı.The skeletons are to be removed and tested next year.Parion, also known as Parium, was originally a Greek city thought to be named for the Trojan prince Paris.Its supposed origins are Turkish, dating to the Byzantine Empire (or even further), though many cultures claim it for their own.Many Greek and Lebanese restaurants serve it, and it is now a featured dessert of several former Ottoman countries.

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