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The second reason: Nixing animal products all in one go implies a vastly different way of grocery shopping, cooking, snacking, and eating out.

Until you learn your go-to meals, it’s going to be more mentally exhausting to eat than normal—especially if you’re super-busy and can’t devote a ton of time to finding non-dairy grab-and-go snacks.

And even if there is an advantage to whey, “That extra bit of leucine will make maybe 1% difference in building muscle,” Guest says.

Alternatively, here’s another easy fix: Add a leucine supplement to your soy shake, Guest suggests. will help offset any lack of muscle protein synthesis that might otherwise come with the plant protein.

Ease into veganism If you’ve gotten on board with going V, chances are you want to dive right in. She has two really good reasons: First, a lot of people experience bloating and gas when they first switch over.

“If you’ve been eating a super high-protein diet and not all that much fiber, your gut bacteria is pretty brutal,” she explains.

Over time, your stomach will build up its stores of good bacteria, but in the interim, the bloating can be enough to freak out any body-conscious dude—potentially to the point of retreating back to the safer chicken-and-yogurt way of eating.(Check that your powder doesn’t already have leucine added to the formula.) Learn your plant proteins “Protein is absolutely important for fitness and building muscle no matter if you are keto, paleo, raw, vegan, or something between,” says Matt Ruscigno, R.D., co-author of the and Chief Nutrition Officer at Nutrinic, a nutrition counseling center in Pasadena, CA.We won’t argue that whey is the golden child of protein powders.That’s largely because it’s higher in a key muscle-building amino acid called leucine compared to all other plant- or dairy-based proteins.

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